CHW Success Stories: Roshni, September 2016

Through a generous grant via the United Health Foundation and in cooperation with KC Care Clinic, CHC of Wyandotte County’s Community Health Worker initiative seeks to improve health across Wyandotte County. From time to time, we want to showcase some of the success stories from our health workers:

“My patient is a Nepali who just came to Kansas City a couple of months ago from Houston, Texas. One of my coworkers who works at KUMED’s ER gave her referral to me. I then called the patient with the phone number provided to me. When I called and introduced myself to her, she repeated the question if I was a Nepali. I told her I am Nepali, and also work as a CHW and for the Nepali Community in Wyandotte County.  She was so happy, and told me that she felt so relieved to know that I would be able to help her in the new area where she just arrived.

I found out that my patient is a Type One Diabetic. She is also a mom of a 9 year old daughter. Her husband divorced her and lives in another state. My patient and her daughter live with family members. One of the challenges is that my patient does not drive. Her younger sister drives to places. So far I have been helping my patient to apply for Medicare application, Child Care Support, and going to a diabetic class with her and helping her understand her diabetic instructor.

Now my patient has all the prescriptions she needs. We found out that River View Clinic provides prescriptions for the diabetic patients, and that’s where she is getting all her insulin. We are now waiting to hear from the SSI office for Medicare and Child Care Support about her application which we applied few weeks ago.  My patient has all she needs to stay healthy. I feel good for her.

Two days ago, I met her and asked her about her health and how she was doing in this new place. She with no hesitation said to me that she feels very proud to choose to come to Kansas and feels great to know that someone cares for her and for her needs. With a grateful heart she thanked me in return I hugged her and told her it’s my blessing to help her.”

Roshni Biswa serves Wyandotte County’s English and Nepali speaking communities.


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