CHW Success Stories: “Finding A Home After A Recent Divorce”

From time to time, our community health workers share stories from their experiences helping others in Wyandotte County. One of our health workers, Guadalupe, shared her efforts to help a patient not only navigate healthcare but life after a divorce.

El Centro Inc. referred this patient to CHW. She originally was looking for someone who could help her with the process to apply for housing. The patient was recently divorced. At 64 years of age, she found herself alone and with nothing but her personal belongings. She was living with a friend, but she needed her own space and a place where she could live with her limited income.

After going over her options, I was able to help her to apply for housing. Along the way, she obtained more help like recently a pair of bifocal eyeglasses. My client’s application for housing went through quickly. Now she has her own space, and she feels happy! I’m currently looking for resources to help find furniture for her new place.

CHW Guadalupe


Guadalupe Treadway is a Community Health Worker  who serves Wyandotte County’s English and Spanish speaking communities.


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