Helping When it Matters the Most

At the beginning of 2020, there was a client that needed assistance with health issues they were experiencing, so they reached out to CHC. This client believed that he had diabetes and was struggling with his blood sugar levels, but he didn’t know where or how to get the necessary medications to fix the problem. Diabetes ran in his family so he was worried about how easily he could have had it as well. He also needed help building a proper diet to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. He knew he needed to do something or else his issues would lead to worse consequences.

At the time that he reached out for assisWoman smiling at the camera, standing in front of a brick walltance, he was nearly homeless and struggling to maintain a stable income. Angela, a community health worker at CHC was able to find him the necessary help and support he was seeking. We suggested some resources to him to get diagnosed and receive medications, and even emphasized going to the JayDoc Free Clinic because of the special resources they provide for individuals with diabetes. Angela was also able to set him up with a dietitian to build a healthy diet. Not only did he need external help and support, but he also needed internal support, too. So, we spoke with his family to help them understand how important their support was for his overall health.

The help and support we were able to find him helped ease some of the stress he was experiencing, which was also negatively affecting the medical issues he had. Even though he was struggling with financial stability, he was able to get help because he reached out to CHC where there is a team waiting to help people in our community. With this help, he was also able to find stability in his life outside of his medical needs, such as getting a new place to stay, getting his car fixed, and becoming a manager at a grocery store.

This client has shown so much appreciation and gratitude for the help he was able to receive from CHC. He is now able to manage his diabetes on his own with his medications Middle aged couple looking a laptop, smiling, and pointing. They are sitting on a couchand healthy habits. We were so grateful to help him and allow him to feel less stress in his life. The community health workers at CHC are constantly working to help people navigate and understand the support programs and opportunities in their community that are available to them so that they don’t have to worry about going without basic necessities in their life.

For more resources and information, visit our community resource page

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