Help Navigating The Struggle

A client reached out to the health department with concerns for his pregnant daughter and two young grandchildren. The health department referred him to the Community Health Council with help finding resources. As a father, he desperately wanted the opportunity to help her financially, but he was having a difficult time supporting two households. Following an intake discussion, the father had his daughter called our offices where she reported grappling with the need to financially support her family and household. Buying necessities such as diapers and food were a daily struggle for her. We worked quickly to find her the assistance that she needed for her family.

By the end of the day, we were able to connect her with Happy Bottoms for diapers and Crosslines for a rapid response food delivery. The next day, we helped her understand and turn in an application for Medicaid and SNAP benefits so that she could continue to receive assistance with basic necessities. 

A month later, when we checked in on her and her family, she told us that she received the SNAP benefits and Happy Bottoms delivery. She was finally able to go grocery shopping for her and her children using the SNAP benefits she received. The guidance and help we were able to provide to her alleviated some of the stress she experienced as a mother, a pregnant woman, and an impoverished individual. Her father’s worry and stress for her and her children’s well being helped lead her to us at the CHC to receive the help he was unable to give to her. He did all that he was able to do so that his daughter and grandchildren wouldn’t have to go without basic necessities, even though he may not have been able to provide more help.

This client has shared so much gratitude for the assistance she received in navigating multiple social support opportunities. It’s clients like these that remind us why we continue to do what we do, even when it gets hard seeing people in tough situations, many of us have been there. We are constantly doing our best to help people navigate and understand the support programs and opportunities in our community so that no one has to go without their basic necessities in life. 

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