CHW Success Stories: Claudia, September 2016

Through a generous grant via the United Health Foundation and in cooperation with KC Care Clinic, CHC of Wyandotte County’s Community Health Worker initiative seeks to improve health across Wyandotte County. From time to time, we want to showcase some of the success stories from our health workers:

“This client is a clinic referral, and has a lot of health problems ranging from uncontrolled Diabetes to kidney failure and low calcium. When he was referred to me, I was so concerned and I even thought, “Will this client even survive due to the doctor’s notes saying he was very sick and might not live long?”

I began to do my search with DaVita, and the application process for this client seemed not reachable at the time because he needed a chest X-ray, more labs, and copies of them. This person was in trouble; he was visiting the emergency department three times per week for dialysis. Finally, the manager from DaVita called me and said they had a place for my client and asked me to come to the office and sign in for him. In the meantime, my client has gained some weight and the family is much happier with this outcome: emergency room visits went from 12-0.

Claudia Rodriguez Rios serves Wyandotte County’s English and Spanish speaking communities.


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